9th Grade Legacy of Western Thought (LOWT) is The course is divided into three thematic areas; European history from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment (with an emphasis on how early European thought influenced the world as we know it today, American Civics and Democracy (with an emphasis on how the Enlightened philosophers of Western Europe influenced our current republican form of government), and European History from the French Revolution through 19th century nationalism (with an emphasis on socio-political change and the development of representative republics). 

The 11th Grade American Studies course will explore US History from the aftermath of the Civil War in 1865 (The Reconstruction Era) through the present. The course will operate using a lecture and discussion format, with various class projects other activities. Students will use a textbook and other higher-level readings to enhance their knowledge of American History for the time frame mentioned. Students will be graded based on common summative assessments and other small assignments and projects each quarter.

This is the course for Mr. Saddler's 6th grade Social Studies students.